specializes in replacing Capacitors on Dell 745, 755, 760, GX620, GX520, GX270, SX270, SX280, GX280, XPS 600, Precision 380, 490, 530, 650, 670 and a other manufacturer's (Sony, HP, ASUS, etc) motherboards including the Apple G5 imac. A group of these motherboards were plagued by faulty capacitors causing the motherboard to become unstable. You may have read about it in articles such as this one.

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How to recognize if your motherboard has been affected by faulty capacitors. Here are some photos of what the capacitors may look like photo1. Symptoms may include, system shutting down, system not booting, a solid amber color light on the power button, previous shutdown due to thermal event error, GX280 racing fan. (please be aware that some of these symptoms can also point to other issues, ie a blinking amber light may mean you need a replacement power supply (which we also sell just email a request for power supplies)

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We buy faulty GX270, SX270, SX280, GX280, GX520, GX620 & Optiplex 745, 755, 760 motherboards.
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GX270 Motherboards include P/N 's
DG284, FG015, K5786, FH884, F8098, U8811, KH290, DF131, PJ149, MH415, R6019, C2057, U1325, YF936, CG555, U1324, FG015, DG284, DG286, H6405, FG011, H1290, Y1057
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,XPS 600,E153FPTC,:  HP MCP61PM-HM AM2








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